Different Ways to Consume Marijuana

With cannabis becoming increasingly popular, both for recreational and medical use, it stands to reason that many people would want to know about the various ways to consume this substance. While most people associate marijuana with smoking, the truth is there are many different ways to consume it. And we are going to go over some of the major ways right now:

1. Pills

THC and/or CBD capsules are one way of getting your fill of cannabis. They are usually filled with marijuana and some type of oil, to ensure that it is absorbed quickly in the body. If you are not the type of person who enjoys smoking or eating marijuana, then you will find that consuming it in pill form is the way to go.

2. Dabs

Dabs are smoked, but it is very different to smoking marijuana the regular way. Dabbing is done through concentrated amounts of cannabis. It is often a sticky oil that may resemble wax or rosin that is used with a proper dab ring. The only issue with such a process is that you need all the necessary equipment to get it right, including the rig and a blowtorch.

3. Smoking

If you are looking to smoke marijuana the traditional way, you have many options. You can use a bowl, bong or even roll up a joint. It will be entirely up to you to discover the method that you find the most enjoyable. Most people have found that each method provides a different type of experience, especially if you are consuming cannabis that has a high level of THC.

4. Cannabis Oil

Whether you are consuming it to relax or for medicinal purposes, you can easily find CBD oil online and at health stores. The beauty of CBD oil is that it is legal throughout the United States, because it contains virtually no THC. It is the type of oil that you can put into a capsule or ingest directly. The easiest method is to put a few drops under your tongue, hold it in place for a few seconds and then swallow.

5. Vaping

Much like vaping has taken over from cigarette smoking as the most popular way to consume nicotine, it has also become an option for consuming marijuana. It is now possible to buy cartridges that have vapable marijuana inside them. Such cartridges can be placed onto a vaping device and then vaped at a very low voltage.

6. Terpene Concentrates

Terpenes in cannabis are valuable compounds that can enhance the “high” that you experience from marijuana. These terpenes also have many health benefits. It is now possible to get concentrates for cannabis that have high levels of terpenes.

The concentrates can be added to foods you are baking, drinks you are consuming or taken directly in the same way as CBD oil. Many places in California and Colorado even sell drinks such as kombucha that are enhanced with cannabis-derived terpenes.

7. Drinks

If you visit areas such as Colorado and California, you will find that shops have many specialty drinks for sale that contain marijuana. Most of these drinks will specify how much cannabis is contained, and whether it is CBD or THC.

The beauty of cannabis is that even though it is all grown in the same way, there are so many unique forms its final product can take.