About Us

The movement to legalize cannabis in the United States has picked up a lot of steam in the past few years. There are already states such as Colorado where it is possible to buy cannabis legally for recreational purposes. And there are so many other states in the country where it is legal for medical use. And that means people are able to get this helpful substance without needing to go to less than legal sources.

Another benefit of the legality of cannabis in many states is that it is now possible to garden it – provided it is done so in accordance with the law. As we have always been passionate about cannabis, we created this magazine to help people who may want to learn more about how they can grow cannabis for personal use or to sell. It is not as hard as many people imagine.

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to be curious about cannabis and the impact that it can have on the human body. Many studies have shown the medicinal benefits of cannabis. It is why we first got introduced into gardening cannabis and it is why we want to continue getting more people interested in the hobby.

We will never encourage you to do anything that is against the law on this site. When you are reading our tips, guidelines and recommendations for how much cannabis you can grow, you must keep local laws in mind. It will be your responsibility to check the laws in your city or state, which will determine how much cannabis you can legally garden on your property.

Another key aspect of the site is to inform people about how they can enhance their experience while consuming cannabis. We discuss the differences between THC and CBD, health benefits of cannabis, the best ways to consume marijuana, and the impact of additions such as terpenes to the experience of cannabis consumption.

We want to push this magazine into becoming the number one resource for anyone who wants to learn more about cultivating cannabis.