Five Health Benefits of Cannabis

There are now 29 states in America that have legalized cannabis for medical use. It is also the belief of more than 80% of the public that marijuana should be legal for such uses.

Even recreational marijuana is becoming less controversial, with more people in support of legalization. It is clear the trend for cannabis has turned in the past few years. But is it backed by more than just people’s opinions of the substance? Here are five real health benefits of cannabis:

1. Chronic Pain

Anyone who is suffering from a condition that causes them to feel pain each day can benefit from cannabis. The cannabinoids and terpenes that are in the marijuana plant are very effective at treating pain, without causing the long term damage to the body of many prescription painkillers

2. Muscle Spasms

The muscle spasms that are common for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis can also be helped by marijuana. Doctors who have patients that are not able to find an effective treatment for their muscle spasms often recommend marijuana. And there are many case studies that show it is effective in treating this issue.

3. Alzheimer’s Prevention

Many people are not aware that THC in marijuana is about more than just feeling high. It is also a substance that has health properties. It is the THC in marijuana that is said to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Given it is a condition that causes people to forget their memories, it is key that we find a way to tackle Alzheimer’s before it is a debilitating condition for the patient. And marijuana may offer such a solution.

When someone consumes marijuana, the THC that goes into their body slows down amyloid plaques from forming in the brain, which means they cannot kill brain cells and cause Alzheimer’s.

4. Hep C Treatment Aide

While marijuana does not treat Hepatitis C, is it a major part of many recovery programs. Cannabis is used to treat the systems that are produced by the Hep C treatment, which are often very harsh.

Patients end up with nausea, loss of appetite and depression, along with other side effects. And studies have shown that patients who were given marijuana along with the regular Hep C treatment fared a lot better. It is the CBD and terpenes in cannabis that help the most in this area, while THC also has a positive impact.

5. Helps With Sleep Issues

Many people suffer from a range of sleep issues. These problems may cause them to have a hard time falling asleep, waking up many times at night, or result in them having nightmares.

Marijuana is said to help treat these issues, as it has an impact on REM sleep. Anyone who is suffering from nightmares can take marijuana as they are about to go to bed. The THC in marijuana will interrupt their REM sleep and ensure they do not suffer severe nightmares like they did before.