Terpenes and the Cannabis Experience

When we talk about cannabis, most people are aware about the major compounds. Words such as THC and CBD have gone into the national conversation in the past few years. Most people know that it is THC that gets you high, while CBD has a calming impact and has many health benefits. They also know that CBD oil and related substances are legal to buy and use anywhere in the United States.

But many people do not know about terpenes. What are these substances?

Understanding Terpenes

Terpenes are the essential oils that can enhance the feeling that you get from consuming marijuana. These are aromatic organic compounds that are found in plants and insects. They are present in certain cannabis strains. The goal of these terpenes is to ward off predators that may want to eat the plant while it is still growing.

When you think of the word dank that is used to describe marijuana, it is because of the “dank” smell that comes from terpenes.

Many of the terpenes that are found in cannabis can enhance the impact of THC in a positive way. It is important to research different strains and understand the impact that you would be experiencing.

Medical Benefits

Did you know that terpenes have medical benefits, much like THC and CBD? It is possible for a person to get an even greater beneficial impact to pain, inflammation, depression and other conditions when they are using cannabis that has high levels of certain terpenes.

These terpenes can be found in essential oils, while there are specific cannabis products such as sprays, foods, drinks and concentrates that include these terpenes. In places where medical marijuana is legal, you can easily get your hands on such cannabis when you have a prescription.

Tastes and Flavors

When it comes to the taste and aroma of terpenes, it will depend on the strain. Each strain will have a slightly different scent and flavor. The good news is that we have plenty of information on the site about different strains. We always recommend that you read up on strains with respect to their THC, CBD and terpene content before you are making your first purchase of a cannabis product.